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BMX East 2023 Regional Championships @ Peterborough

Twenty three Ipswich BMX Club riders took part in the 2023 BMX East 2023 Regional Championships today.

Mark Steele and Carmel Allison both became regional champions in their respective cruiser classes. For a full list of results of all the IBMXC riders see Our Sqorz.

The traditional relay race took place after the final, final and despite a greater level of organisation this year the usual chaos ensued!

More images from the event can be seen and purchased here.

Our thanks goes out to the Peterborough club for hosting and to all the volunteers who make these event s happen. BMX continues at IBMXC’s Landseer Park track this Tuesday evening for timed gate practice: £2 for IBMXC members, £4 for non-members of other British Cycling affiliated clubs. 6pm-Darkness.


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