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BMX East Regional Rnd 4 @ Milton Keynes

IBMXC would like to say a big thank you to Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club who made an awesome job of hosting round 4 of the BMX East regional series today.

A total of 33 Ipswich riders made the long journey to race in beautiful conditions. Well done to you all for representing yourselves and the club with pride. Their results can be viewed on Our Sqorz here: Our Sqorz

Despite MK having one of the less challenging tracks in the region, the tight design threw lots of riders together causing plenty of crashes. Hopefully if you were one of the unlucky fallers you were fortunate enough to emerge from the dust unscathed!

Please enjoy the photos and hopefully the sun will still be shining by the time round 5 rolls around at Royston on Sunday 29th May.

Don’t forget there’s gate practice this Tuesday evening at our Landseer Park track, free to IBMXC members. Non-members from other British Cycling affiliated clubs are welcome, just £3 per rider.


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