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Finishing touches, getting close!

The good news is that Ipswich BMX Club remains on track to have everything in place for its grand reopening race meeting on Saturday 11th September!

Clark and Kent Construction were back onsite today to add some more finishing touches to the track. The white lines have now been completed around the top of the berms and our PROSTART gate has been connected and is now fully functional!

Ipswich BMX Club volunteers will continue their hard work over the coming days and week finishing off the infrastructure around the track, including the timing loops, tarmacking the path to the rear of and installing safety fencing around the start hill… Not to mention fitting out and painting the new club house!

Ipswich Borough Council have indicated they were happy to have the construction fencing removed which has allowed the track to be open for public use when not being used by IBMXC. The construction fencing will remain in place around the clubhouse and container until such time as these areas are completed/made safe.

Please exercise common sense when using the track, and ensure you or your child is wearing the appropriate safety equipment. IBMXC are waiting for the council to manufacture the safety signs (see image), communicating some basic rules regarding the track and its use.

Safety signs to be installed

Should you witness any unauthorized access, damage or antisocial behaviour please call Ipswich Borough Council's Park Patrol Hotline on 01473 432132.


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