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PROSTART Gate goes in & more!

Day 30 of construction and just because it's the weekend the work doesn't stop!

Today saw the team at PROSTART begin to install our new barrel start gate whilst hard working volunteers from IBMXC completed the footings for our clubhouse.

A total of 30 concrete pads will support the building which is due to be delivered on-site on Monday 9th August.

Clark & Kent construction aim to tarmac the face of the hill and complete the first jump this week along with any outstanding landscaping jobs.

The next tasks for the club will be to establish utilities for the clubhouse and provide power to the PROSTART gate.

Great work every one of you that helped in any way this week, every last minute counted to get the footings finished today. Thank you to all those that brought tools and equipment with them too.

Plenty to be done to get this project completed still but one massive step further forward. If you feel you're in a position to help our club achieve their goals in anyway

please get in touch at


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