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Week 1

It has been one week since construction work began on our new track.

The first day saw nominated builders, Clark & Kent construction fence off the old track and take delivery of the heavy plant required for the project. By the end of the day their team had removed all the turf from around the old track.

As the week progressed they made use of the good weather by quickly removing the second turn, reshaping the first into a 180° berm and build a brand new second turn from scratch.

By the end of day 4 the new layout of the track had become obvious with rough versions of all the new jumps put in place and shaped, just by using the existing clay from the old track. It soon became apparent to Clark & Kent that the original design of the third straight was too crowded for its length. So the rhythm straight will now have 10 peaks with bigger transitions in-between each, opposed to the 14 in the draft plan.

Preliminary work also began on demolishing, and reshaping the start hill, which will be raised by approximately 2 metres. From the bottom of the start hill to the finish line the new track will have a fall of 900mm, making each straight very slightly downhill.

Many tonnes of aggregate were also delivered onto the site ready for the next phases of construction.

Everyone connected with IBMXC has been incredibly excited and pleased with the work that has been carried out thus far and lots of hard work continues behind the scenes organising the construction of the club house, coaching, and racing!


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